Do you have a Relative that is a Hoarder?

Are you concerned about how to help a hoarder or what might happen after they pass on?  This article may help you think over some of the issues that you might need to plan for in the future.  There are organizers who specialize in working with hoarders.  Check out the Institute of Chronic Disorganization


  1. I have a friend who has been hoarding for over 25 years. Mostly paper, books and electronics. My friend lives on their own. I have been trying to assist my friend to gradually organize, clean and get rid of the excessive clutter which is definitely a health and safety hazard. It is a very difficult process. How can I encourage my friend see that this excessive clutter is dangerous and unhealthy and involve my friend in becoming involved? Thanks.

    • If a person enjoys how they live it is very difficult to get them to change. Removing things that they agree they are ready to let go of gradually is a good first step. Talking and listening to them about how you are worried about their health and safety might help them to see that their best interests are in your heart and they may consider making some more changes. However they need to want to make the change for it to be a lasting change in their life.

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