Meal Planning Made Easy – Is it Possible?

Meal planning can seem like a difficult chore.  Try making it into a game.            

Shuffle the Deck

Compile recipes for 20 to 30 easy-to-prepare main dishes and the same number of side dishes and desserts. Cut them out of magazines, download them the internet.  Get together with friends and each bring 10 recipes and share them.

1.  Put each recipe on a 5 x 8 card, noting any special ingredients that  require a stop at a speciality shop.

2.  File all the recipe cards in a card box.

Each week:

1. Select your required number of main dishes.

Pasta and Broccoli

Mix and Match side dishes to give each meal a new appearance

2. Mix and match them with side dishes and desserts.

Pita Sandwich

Meal Planning can be easy if you make it into a game


Your menu is complete.


Coupon Tip

Write your shopping list on the back of an envelope, and stuff the envelope with the appropriate coupons.


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