I was very pleased with Julie and got a lot accomplished on the day she was here.  She was very professional and a pleasure to have in my home.  Having Julie here got me started on organizing many areas of my house.  I am still in the process of sorting and purging many items in my house.  Julie offered some great tips on how to do this.

Nancy, Hamilton, ON

Following the death of my mother and inheriting her home and 89 years worth of collecting I felt overwhelmed at the idea of cleaning out her basement. I had no idea of where to start but thankfully Julie took on the challenge and made the basement more useable.  I was pleased that she was able to assist me in making decisions on what should be kept and what was just gathering dust.  Whether it was trips to the dump, checking to see what could be sold or sent to community agencies, and even arranging for items to be sold at an auction, Julie did it all.  I had nothing to do but make decisions on what should or shouldn’t be kept.  She made the whole process painless and I would definitely use her services again in the future.

Liz, Vineland, ON

Depression led to years of accumulated clutter in my home and affected my earning ability. When I was forced to put my house on the market, Julie and her colleagues came to my rescue. They were very sensitive to the difficult situation I was in, while helping me to get rid of the items I didn’t need and making the house presentable to potential buyers. Thanks to their help, I was able to sell my house and avoid foreclosure by the bank.

Brian, Hamilton, ON

Julie’s affordable expertise has been invaluable to me. For a variety of reasons beyond my control,  these past few years have found me filing and storing things haphazardly—if I managed to file anything at all—and my work/office spaces and my home spaces became  both unproductive and uncomfortable. Though hesitant at first to admit that I needed ‘help’ in this area, I knew within the first hour of working with Julie that she would be ‘worth every penny…and more!’ A highly efficient and motivated woman who is just an absolute delight to spend time with, Julie has virtually transformed the way that I work and play by creating new surroundings that fit my needs.  Julie’s work includes revamping personal ‘spaces’ that are devoid of meaning, into personal ‘places’ that exude ownership and pride. This alone, is worth the time and monetary investment—since it results in more free time and a much better frame of mind for you.  It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Julie’s service, and specifically, her business practices as well. She is punctual, courteous, honest and extremely diplomatic.  I am very much anticipating our next mission impossible—my kitchen!!!

Deborah, St. Catharines

My husband has arrived home to his big surprise, an organized office.  Thank-you for all your help.  I’m in here working all day yesterday and some today, concentrating on growing my business as well as helping my clients.  My focus is crystal clear now.  The only change we made is he would rather have the printer sit on the desk instead of up on the shelf.  I can live with that.

We all have been spending more time in our office now that it is so organized and functional.  The boys have been studying in there because now they can close the door and work with out distractions and quietness.

Thank-you from all of us.  Take care.

Darlene, Niagara Falls, ON

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