How Many Ways Can You Use a Shoe Organizer?

The technical side of organizing involves a series of steps:

  • Sort item into groups of the same type of objects
  • Part with items you don’t need, love or use
  • Assign a place of things to be stored
  • Containerize items to keep them together so you know how much you have
  • Evaluate your system and see if it needs some adjustments to work better for you.

S P A C E is used to remember the basic steps of organizing.

However the fun side of organizing involves thinking outside the box:

  • using old items in new ways
  • rearranging furniture to make a better flow in the room
  • storing items in fun containers

Check out this link on ways to use a shoe organizer.  Leave  a comment on one which one you liked best.

Ways to use a shoe organizer

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  1. What a great article – I’ve seen a lot of ways to use shoe organizers, but many of these are truly unique. I especially like the plant hanger, but I’m sure my cat would climb it and probably destroy all the plants. Maybe on the balcony?

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