Spring into action – Attack the winter clothes

Spring is here.  As winter slowly leaves so should your winter clothes.  As you wear something for the last time this season,  a warm sweater, scarf, pants etc.

  1.  decide if you like it,
  2. does it fit,
  3. do you get compliments when you wear it.

If the answer is yes then wash it and store it away for next year.  Continue with process until all your warm clothing as been cleaned and put away making space and easy access for your spring wardrobe.  Any clothing that doesn’t fit, you don’t like, is too complicated or expensive to launder can be donated.  Clothing with stains and holes can be donated to textile recycling

Winter clothing

Spring into action and pack away warm clothing after each load of laundry


Spring clothes

Make your spring wardrobe accessible, remove your winter clothes

Tell us your tips for organizing your clothing 

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  1. I have been going through this with some clients. One thing I would add would be to consider if it will fit NEXT YEAR, especially if you have children. If the snow pants were just barely long enough on your son this year, don’t store them. He’s going to need new ones next year.

    • You’re welcome. I believe there is some information about washing body oils off clothing before storing it, so that is why I recommend washing it. But it does make it easier in the fall/winter when your clothes are ready to wear.

  2. These are great tips for getting ready for a new season. “Do you get compliments when you wear it?” is a wonderful question to ask yourself when deciding whether on not to keep something.

  3. I love making the fall/winter to spring/summer clothing switches for myself and clients. As you highlit, seasonal shifts are the ideal time of year to evaluate what stays and what goes. When I’m making the switch I edit the outgoing and in coming seasons. The clothing I’m ready to let go is given to family or donated. Only a portion of my closet gets cycled because pieces are suitable for all seasons.

    • I have also found with my clients that they have a larger portion of their wardrobe that they wear year round. Perhaps it is a money saving strategy, a way to simplify their wardrobe or they find they don’t need a lot of clothing for the colder weather. Perhaps the weather isn’t as cold any more for long periods of time.

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