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What could you use this tree to organize?

By Julie Stobbe / May 23, 2023 /

Sometimes when we are organizing we make the organization look like art.  We organize books by the colour of their spine, hang baskets on a wall in an interesting pattern or use brightly coloured baskets to hold exercise equipment. Let’s look at the reverse of this idea.  Can artwork help you get organized?

wooden tree artwork

This piece of artwork provides storage opportunities.

I  attended the National Home Show in Toronto Canada a few years ago.  I saw this great piece of artwork.  If you have a small home this artwork is dual purpose.  It can be used to hold CDs, video games and equipment, and books.  Plants would look lovely on this tree especially ivy or other hanging plants that would give it “leaves”.  It would be fun to decorate it for any season or special event.

a sign with hooks holding cycling gear mounted on a wall.

Here is a creative use of a sign. This piece of artwork has hooks added to it to organize cycling gear. When the cycling gear is removed you have a lovely picture on your wall.


Let me know about artwork in your home that helps you stay organized.

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