Ultimate Blogging Challenge – Success or Failure

Is daily blogging for you?

It starts again on July 1, 2015

You may remember that in April I had joined the Ultimate Blogging Challenge where you blog everyday for a month.  I started out great for the first 10 days feeling like I had some fun content.  The suggestions they sent as part of the resources where somewhat helpful.  I had forgot about blogging about books.  They suggested blogging about fun days and so I talked about the world figure skating chapionships.  However as time went on my business got very busy and I felt like I didn’t have interesting content so I blogged less.  I am glad I tried this experiment because:

1. It is not for me, once a week is a good time frame for me.  I can keep up with the schedule and I have content I am proud to share

2. I discovered that my new blog had not been set up the way  I thought and articles were not being shared with my social media sites.  Since I was blogging regularly I notice the change and got it corrected.

3.I received 30 different ideas for blogging.  Most were personal rather than business topics but they are excellent for brainstorming new ideas and new approaches to blogging.

So overall  I think the experiment was valuable.  Give it a try, it starts again on July 1, 2015 and let me know how it went for you.

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