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Organizing your paper photos.


Pictures in frames hanging on an old wall

Have you run out of space for hanging your pictures?

Have you run out of space on your walls to hang your pictures? Many people have photos in boxes just waiting to have time to organize them.  This cold winter weather maybe just the right time for you.

What to do first

As you look over the photos you may not be able to remember when you took the picture, the year or date.  Instead of organizing the photos chronologically think about using themes.  Sort your pictures into celebrations, vacations, family, friends, pets and homes etc.

Step Two

Next get rid of duplicates and out of focus pictures. Remove pictures where you don’t recognize the people or location.  Once you have your best pictures grouped you may want to write on the back the name of the people in the picture, year or location.

Step Three

Than you can decide if you want to scan them, place them in boxes with dividers or scrapbook your photos. Scanning can be expensive so scan the best of the best.

Need more help

Enjoy spending time with your memories. If you need help regaining control of your photos and memories, I am ready to take on the challenge. Photo Organizers work with clients to sort through images, find connecting themes, neatly catalog and edit them into photo narratives and albums that clients are proud to share – now and for years to come. Association of Personal Photo Organizers

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At the National Home Show in Toronto I learned about this great product for the do-it-yourself photo people. Oceans Sales Ltd is based in Calgary, Alberta sells a box that contains 3 frames, 3 4A letter printable canvas, canvas tape and instructions.  You take the picture, print the picture and mount it in the frame.  In just a short time you can have your pictures hanging on your wall. The product is called photo2canvas

Canvas framing system

This award winning frame system allows you to create your own professional quality canvas printed from your home printer using “Living hinge frame technology” and your own digital photos.

How many Photos do I have?

Quick Tip: Estimating Photos from APPO

No need to count every photo in the box, especially if you are working with hundreds of printed photos for a job. Instead, use a ruler or a scale. Did you know 1 inch of printed photos stacked is about 100 photos? If you are estimating a shoebox packed full of printed photos, get your ruler out and measure the length of the box for a reasonable estimate of quantity. And 1000 photos weigh between 6 and 7 lbs, so set the tub of  photos on a scale instead!


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