5 Bathroom Organizing Tips

1. Have a drawer for each person who uses the bathroom to store his or her toiletries and cosmetics.  If you don’t have the space to store items in the bathroom, give each person a basket to transport their things to the bathroom from his or her bedroom, where the basket is stored.

2. Purchase under-sink storage shelves or baskets to make good use of this under-utilized area.

Creatively use the space under the sink

Find a shelf or stacking baskets to use under the sink

3.  If medications are stored in the bathroom, safely store them where small children can’t gain access.

4.  Store cleaning supplies safely, out of the reach of children, nearby so you can do quick cleans ups.

5.  Add hooks or towel bars to the walls or over-the-door racks/hooks to hang and dry towels after use.  Not enough room in the bathroom?  Install hooks or bars in the bedrooms.  This will keep towels off the floor, neat and clean.

Swing out towels bars provide space between each towel so they can dry quickly

Swing out towels bars provide space between each towel so they can dry quickly

Here is a link to a lovely informatic from Modern Bathroom to help you have a visual of organizing a bathroom.

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    • I enjoy a very light room also. Usually in most rooms I suggest that a vary of lightning be available so the light in a room can be adjusted as needed. Overhead lighting, movable lighting(lamp), counter or table top lighting that can be repositioned as needed.

  1. Firstly, thank you so much for all these bathroom organization tips. I read your whole tips. It’s really useful. They come in handy now and I have to organize my new bathroom.

    • Schedule a day and time so you get it done. Leaving it for “someday” means it might not get done. If you run into a dilemma just post your questions on the blog.

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