6 Tips for Organizing with Children in Mind

1. As children grow, placement of their items should change with their higher reach.

Hooks are great for keeping things off the floor

Have hooks at a variety of heights so each child can reach a hook

2. Items for tasks that children are responsible for should be kept within their reach.  If a child constantly needs help accessing these items or putting them away, this will cause frustration for both parent and child.  Keep books, toys, dishes, coat hooks, clothes closet bars and towels at age/size-appropriate level

3. Remember to always keep cleaning supplies and medicines out of the reach of children

4. If children are permitted to use the microwave oven unsupervised, place the unit at a height where children can remove food easily without climbing on counters or standing on chairs.  This will help prevent injuries from hot food spilling or a child falling.

5. Label bins, drawers, and shelves with pictures or words to make tiding up quick and easy.

Labels with pictures and words

Label containers to make clean up easy

6. Establish a bulletin board, magnet board, or a wall covered with magnetic paint as an area to display children’s work.  As new work comes home, remove items from the display area and put them in a box.  When the school year is over, go through the box and decide which pieces to save and put away and which to recycle.

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