6 Tips to Reduce Paper

1. Don`t allow paper to build up

  • Handle paper daily, don`t let it grow into a pile

2. Make a decision on each paper the first time you touch it

  • If it can be done in 60 seconds or less to it now, otherwise R.A.F.T it
  • Set up 3 files, bins or trays and sort your paper into:
  • R – read later
  • A – action required
  • F – file
  • T – toss it / shred it now

3. Follow through on work

  • Each time you pick a sheet of paper put a small dot on the top corner.
  • Three dots or more means it is time to take action on that piece of paper.

4.  Be ruthless

  • 80% of what is filed is never accessed again so 80% or more of the paper you receive on a daily basis can be discarded
  • Purge your files once or twice a year
  • Remove yourself from subscription lists

5. Think before you print

  • File e-mails  in a folder on the computer
  • Print only the selection of the e-mail or webpage you need

Store inactive files in boxes indicating a destroy date

6. Follow retention guidelines

  • Retain files as specified by your company or accountant
  • Put inactive files in boxes and place them in storage indicating a destroy date on the box
  • Purge outdated files

Great ideas from “Don’t Agonize Organize Your Office” by Diane A Hatcher

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