Organize a bucket list for the holiday season

I have never been a person to make a bucket list.  Mostly because I feel I don’t have anything to put in it, the bucket.

Enjoy a walk and view Niagara Falls, dress warmly

Enjoy a walk and view Niagara Falls, dress warmly

However during December I sometimes get depressed.  It is mostly because of the lack of light.  It is also because there are a lot of expectations leading up to December 25th and then it is all over.  Some times it went well and some years it didn’t go very smoothly.  This can lead to dreading the holiday season and having your spirits drop.  So over the years I have been incorporating many fun events through the month of December so there is less emphasis on one day.  So this year I am making a bucket list.Incorporate many fun events through the month of December so there is less emphasis on one day. Click To Tweet

Listen to choirs at the Niagara on the Lake candle light walk

Listen to choirs at the Niagara on the Lake candle light walk

  1. go to a holiday  concert
  2. go to a candle light walk sponsored by a town
  3. go to a mall and don’t shop just enjoy people watching and the decorations
  4. go on a tour of outdoor skating rinks
  5. go tobogganing
  6. have the neighbours over for an open house evening
  7. go to a dinner theatre
  8. walk around your neighbourhood and enjoy the holiday  lights every night
  9. play holiday music
  10. participate in a gift giving program, help the less fortunate
  11. watch the world junior hockey tournament on  television

    Visit your local dinner theatre like Oh Canada Eh!

    Visit your local dinner theatre like Oh Canada Eh!

  12. buy a poinsettia from a fund raising group
  13. grow an amaryllis plant
  14. buy an advent calendar for yourself
  15. visit Niagara Falls in the winter – cold but amazing
  16. visit the CP holiday train

Let me know what would be on your bucket list.

Plant a bulb and watch it grow

Plant a bulb and watch it grow

What would you put on your bucket list?

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  1. I completely relate to this, Julie. The lack of light in the winter gets to me too. It didn’t always bother me, but as I’ve grown, I seem to be more affected by the darkness. When you first said “bucket list,” I thought you were going to describe things like skydiving and traveling to far off places. But what’s so lovely about your post is that you’re describing everyday things to notice and enjoy, like gathering for dinner with friends, or seeing the twinkling lights that grace the holiday season, or tobogganing (which I haven’t done since I was a little girl.) The point you’re making is that there are so many things to lift our hearts, engage in, and be grateful for. ‘Tis the season.

    • Yes Linda I agree there are so many local things to take part in. Sharing fun with others who may also need some encouragement and giving back your community by donating / participating in great causes.

  2. I love the idea of going to the mall but not to shop. When you’re pressured to find a gift, you don’t have the time or energy to stop and enjoy the lights and other decorations, and those crowds aren’t so bad when you don’t have to get through them!

  3. I have an amaryllis growing on my kitchen sink area right now, and I am loving it. As I sit and work this morning, I have lit 2 of my Advent wreath candles and listening to my Christmas playlist. These things bring me joy. I might add driving around looking at the lights in the town, going to a Christmas tree lighting, shopping in a warm and moist nursery and splurging once on a peppermint hot chocolate:)

  4. Great bucket list for the holidays.

    This year was the first year I planned to take in a holiday show with the family. I started planning in October. It worked great and it really helped me get into the holiday spirit.

  5. My kids and grandkids are all living on the west coast, so this will be a quiet Christmas season. I think I’ll do a couple of the things on your list and jolly things up a bit.

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