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I enjoy travelling and have travelled to Europe, the East, Australia, throughout Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

I am going to give 2 tips for travelling with an organized purse.  (It works for backpacks and briefcases too)
  1. Buy a purse that has a light lining.  When the inside of the purse is dark it is very hard to find anything, organized or not.  A lot of items are black or dark in colour, make-up, pens, phones, keys, wallets etc.
  2. Try purchasing a gadget called Grid It.  It comes in many sizes but the small one fits lovely inside a purse and keeps all your small items that you need for flying and travelling neat and tidy.  It is wonderful for holding a pen, earbuds, adapters, candy, phone, keys.  You pull it out of your purse everything is contained on the Grid it and you pull out the items you need and put it back in your purse.  No digging around in the corners to find the thing you want.

How do you keep all your small items easy to find and use? Share your tips in the comments.

Grid It

Use it to organize your electronic devises when you are travelling


Grid It

Great for organizing items in your purse when you are travelling

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    • I bought it online and had it delivered to an address in the United States. If you are in the UK you may need to search a little more. Google, Grid It and Amazon sells it. They are called Cocoon Grid it. Let me know how you like it.

    • That’a a great idea to use it for automotive tools. That thought opens up a lot of other uses for it, make-up, computer tool, hair accessories, batteries, pen/pencils office supplies.

  1. I’ve seen this product and think it is really great. We all carry so much stuff around and I like how this keeps everything neatly secured. It is also simple to visually locate what you need. By the way, great tip about a purse with a light-colored lining!

    • I find it nice at airport security. I just pull it out, put it in the bin and it has all the electronic gadgets together. One less thing to stress about in those security lines.

    • That’s a good point too. I only change purses twice a year, lol. So I forget about how much time it takes to get ready in the morning if you have a different purse for each outfit. This would help to make the transition quicker.

  2. How wonderful that you’ve traveled the world…and am guessing that you continue to explore. Staying organized while traveling reduces so much stress. I rely on my “homes” for things and organizing routines. So when I travel, the strategies need to be more flexible. Having a parking board like Grid-It makes a lot of sense. I remember a several years ago when they came to the NAPO Expo. They were a huge hit. I tend to use various zipper pouches and a bag insert that has sections to help keep me organized while traveling.

    • I agree it is all about having a system so you can easily find the small things that can get lost in a larger bag, backpack or suitcase. I do love traveling.

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