How to organize your dorm room for maximum productivity

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Tidy and organized room with desk in the center and bookshelf on the right

It’s back-to-school time! If you entered a university or college this year, you may be living in a student dorm room for the first time. If you plan to do your best this semester, you should ensure you have a productive study space in your dorm room!  Now is the time to start thinking about how to organize your dorm room for maximum productivity.

You may be thinking, “How can I establish a pleasant and effective study place that exudes creativity without overwhelming the room?” Finding solutions that work for you and your limited space is critical. What’s keeping you from getting organized? Will there be enough lighting in the room? What can you do to make this room seem more inspiring? These are all critical considerations to ask yourself when setting up a study place. Are you ready to learn how to make a productive study space in your dorm room?

Maximize your available space

You should first figure out how to make the most of the limited space in your dorm room. You must ensure that you are making the most of your limited space since studying in a cramped or cluttered room won’t be productive. You may use several space-saving tactics and ideas in your dorm room to create the illusion of extra free space.

One method to do this is first to declutter. Remove any large items, such as a bookcase, to create room for a study desk. Instead of a large bookcase, build open shelves on the wall. It enables you to make extra room while still having adequate storage for your books and personal effects. However, if you are missing space for some of your necessities, Centennial Moving can help by renting you the needed storage. A storage unit can also be handy when moving into or out of your dorm.  At the end of a semester, it may be more cost-effective to store your items than to move them back home. 

Everything should serve numerous functions

When you live in a tiny place, you must make the most of everything you own. Everything in your dorm should serve many tasks. Instead of a regular table near the bed, use an ottoman or cabinet with drawers and storage that can hold a bunch of stuff. Don’t simply use a table to set your laptop on; instead, choose a desk that takes up the same amount of room but has more storage.

Small dorm room with blue walls

Dorm rooms are often small, so make sure everything serves its purpose.

Bed lifts are handy for dorm room dwellers if you do not have a bed loft. Bed lifters are placed on the bottom of the memory foam mattress or beneath bed frames to raise it a further six inches. The wonderful thing about this is that you can now utilize the wasted area under the bed as storage. Another benefit of bed risers is that they have AC plugs built directly into them, giving you a greater choice in where you place the bed. There’s no need to worry about a hidden outlet buried under the bed you can’t reach.

Instead of studying in bed, study at your desk

When you have 30+ pages of your textbook to read, your bed appears quite attractive. Unfortunately, many students tend to doze off in bed. Unless you travel to the library or a study group outside your dorm room, try to accomplish all your studying, school work, and reading at your desk. It’s easy to zone out or fall asleep when studying in bed, particularly if you’re reading boring or too technical stuff. Relocating your textbooks or laptop away from your bed will organize your dorm room for maximum productivity. Bringing textbooks or a laptop into bed sends confusing messages to your body, and studies suggest that using technology in bed may harm your sleep quality.

Bed with books on it

Zoning out is common if you are studying in bed, so move your stuff to desk

Reduce Distractions

Is your neighbour’s music blaring across the hall? Or maybe you hear people talking just outside your door? If so, why not invest in a set of noise-cancelling headphones? Depending on what you find most comfortable, you may choose between over-ear, on-ear, and earbud models. It’s also a good idea to get a model with lengthy battery life so you can remain focused on your studies all day. Furthermore, noise-cancelling headphones are available in various price ranges, so you’re likely to find the right set.

Do you find yourself browsing social media during your study sessions? If this is the case, try designating particular periods of the day for texting or accessing the web. For example, you will get 10 minutes of phone time for every hour spent studying. Furthermore, lock apps may block you from using particular apps on your phone for a set amount of time. If you have trouble maintaining attention, there are many ways of organizing your life. You will be able to focus on your work without being distracted by social media, games, phone calls, or messages.

Person texting on their smartphone

Try moving your phone out of your line of sight and setting it to Do Not Disturb mode for less distraction.

Introduce personalization

Adding a touch of personalization to your dorm room is also crucial. Your room should be functional and a representation of your personality. This doesn’t mean cluttering your space with unnecessary items but strategically placing a few pieces that make you feel at home. For example, hanging a motivational poster or having a desk photo of your loved ones can provide much-needed encouragement during stressful periods.

Invest in good lighting

One element often overlooked in dorm rooms is proper lighting. While maximizing space and reducing distractions is essential, so is ensuring that you have adequate light. Poor lighting can strain your eyes, especially during extended study sessions. Invest in an adjustable desk lamp with LED lights, which provide bright illumination without consuming too much electricity. If your dorm room doesn’t get enough natural light, consider light therapy lamps or bulbs that mimic daylight, improving concentration and mood.

Prioritize ergonomics

Sitting for long hours can take a toll on your posture and overall health. Make sure your study space is ergonomically friendly. This might mean investing in a chair cushion, ergonomic mouse, or keyboard, or even a standing desk converter. Adjust your chair and monitor so your eyes are at screen level and your feet are flat on the ground.

Use colour psychology

Colour plays a significant role in our mood and productivity. While you might not be able to paint your dorm room walls, you can incorporate colours that enhance concentration and motivation through items like bedding, curtains, or desk accessories. You can also dress in a specific colour. For instance, blue is known to stimulate the mind, yellow can boost creativity, and green is calming and helps improve efficiency.

You must coordinate (with your roommate)

Did you and your roommate bring duplicates of large items? Next time you go home to visit take some of those items back with you so the valuable room space can be organized for maximum productivity. Here are a few examples of space-consuming products that you’ll probably only need one of between the two of you:

  • Television (you may not need one, but let’s pretend you bring one anyhow.
  • Refrigerator — obviously, a mini-fridge; a full-size community fridge will most likely be accessible for storing large things and frozen meals.
  • The microwave oven
  • If you believe a gaming console to be essential, just one should suffice.
  • Dock for stereo/music player with speakers

Before a conflict arises, communicate as soon as possible to determine what arrangement works best for you. Is one of you comfortable being many feet above the ground on a top bunk bed? Is the other individual at ease sleeping under a bed frame, mattress, and companion weighing several hundred pounds?  Now that you have lived together for a while, make changes that help you both to feel comfortable.

How much room will you need to move about in the appropriate living area for yourself and visitors? What about furnishings like toss pillows, futons, and school-supplied desks and dressers? The main point here is to arrange as much as possible with your roommate and have the right mindset so your term is happy, enjoyable and productive.

In conclusion

There’s some truth to the old adage that buddies shouldn’t become roommates. However, there’s no reason you can’t get along with whoever your allocated roommate is. By working together and coordinating your activities, you may save money and organize your dorm room for maximum productivity.

How did you organize a dorm room?  Success and horror stories are all welcome in the comments. 

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  1. Linda Samuels on October 24, 2022 at 11:03 am

    My mom used to joke with me that I was one of the few people who had a larger dorm room than my room at home. I think it was funnier to her than me. But the reality was that because my room growing up was small, I learned early on how to organize and create zones for storage, resting, creativity, and school work.

    By midyear Freshman year, my roommate left to live at home. My friend moved in and it was great! So living with friends CAN work as long as you are respectful, have boundaries, and good communication.

    Love all of your suggestions for making dorm life a positive experience!

    • Julie Stobbe on October 25, 2022 at 3:32 pm

      Thank you for sharing your story. Some of my children had great experiences and some did not. Organizing the space is part of the solution as is communication and respect for each other.

  2. Julie Bestry on October 24, 2022 at 2:23 pm

    I was so lucky in my dorm experience, especially given that it was in an era before there were so many double-duty options. Of course, we couldn’t have microwaves, or even hot pots; there was no cable or internet; most people didn’t even have computers. But we had clutter because instead of carrying our music in our phones, we had boom boxes and Walkmen and lots of cassettes (and later, CDs). I had an enviable cathedral ceiling double and my first roommate was a friend from home. (Later, it was a roommate who spent all her time with her boyfriend, and except for having to field calls from her mother as to where she was, I basically had a double to myself.)

    I wish there had been an internet (at all, but) full of advice like this back in my era.

    • Julie Stobbe on October 25, 2022 at 3:35 pm

      Thanks for sharing your story. Every situation is so different and that is why I think it is a good time to discuss reorganizing the parts that aren’t working. It may be space or schedules or personality.

  3. Seana Turner on October 24, 2022 at 4:39 pm

    That is such a great tip about not working in bed but working at your desk. In tiny spaces like a dorm room, it’s so important to try and set up some boundaries.

    I found that the girls are great about communicating with their roommates in advance. Both of my girls were messaging and making decisions about who was bringing what and colors and all that.

    In contrast, seemed liked the guys just showed up and were most worried about the televisions LOL!

    Great suggestions to touch base when you can.

    • Julie Stobbe on October 25, 2022 at 3:39 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with your family. For some students the freedom of managing space, time, and money are new and they may stumble for a while. For other students planning is a skill they have learned and can make decisions before they see the space. Learning from and about your roommate and reorganizing to make things even better helps everyone to enjoy the new experience.

  4. Janet Barclay on October 25, 2022 at 10:49 am

    It’s been a long time since I lived in residence, but I remember my room very well. I think I was one of the lucky ones, because my room was fairly spacious, with lots of shelves. I rearranged the furniture so the bed was against a wall, freeing up floor space while allowing me to use it as a couch when friends popped in.

    • Julie Stobbe on October 25, 2022 at 3:41 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Reorganizing is the best way to make a space suit your personality and lifestyle. It is easier than trying to make do with the way it is.

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