4 Tips for a Better Organized Bedroom

Start by determining any special uses of the bedroom other than sleeping and relaxing (e.g., home office, baby’s crib and supply storage etc.)  This will let you plan how to use the space in your bedroom.  Conversely if your bedroom has items in it that shouldn’t be there remove them.

Get your clothes off the floor 

1. Store your clothes in the closet on hangers or shelves or in a dresser.  Double your hanging space by installing a lower hanging bar.  A lower bar also makes it easy for children to tidy up their rooms and select their clothes to wear.  Add an extra shelf up high in the closet to store off-season items.

Two bars for clothes

Add a second bar to your closet to double your hanging space.

Look for storage spaces in unused areas of your room

2. Under-bed storage containers are very helpful for oversized items or off-season clothing.  If your bed is very low to the ground you can purchase bed risers to raise the bed and make room for containers.

Slide bins under the bed for storage

Use bins under your bed to increase your storage space.

Use the wall space in your room when there is limited floor space

3. Use vertical space to add more storage.  An armoire or tall-boy dresser may suit your room better than a long, low dresser.

Use a tall dresser instead of a long low dressor

Use vertical space when floor space is limited

Use the back and inside of doors to store items.

4. Use the inside of the bedroom and closet doors to hang items.  Over-the-door rack and hook products accommodate shoes, jewellery, scarves, ties, etc.

There are many over the door products to help you store items

There are many over the door products to help you store items

How do you keep your dresser drawers organized?

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  1. Janet Barclay on July 29, 2016 at 10:54 am

    I don’t use any dividers, but most things seem to stay in their neat piles.

    1. Accessories
    2. Underwear and socks
    3. Long and short sleeved tops
    4. Long pants
    5. Sweaters
    6. Shorts and tank tops

    • Julie Stobbe on July 29, 2016 at 4:37 pm

      Dividers can be handy if your piles are very tall or if the fabrics are very slippery.

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