6 Tips for a Better Organized Basement or Garage

Use vertical space to optimum your storage space.

Use vertical space to optimise your storage space.

Use Vertical Space 

  1. Make use of vertical space. Buy shelving units to keep your items off the floor.  This will help protect them from water damage and allow for air movement in and around containers, reducing the build-up of mould.  Choose shelves that are 24” deep, if your room permits.

Create Zones 

  1. Divide your storage into zones – sports equipment, decorations, household items, electronics, and memorabilia – categories that best suit the items you wish to store.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

  1. Use plastic storage bins to protect your items from moisture. Use clear bins, labelling them so you can easily see what is inside.

Measure your Space then buy the Shelving Units

  1. If you need five shelves you may find that two storage units – one with two shelves the other with three shelves – fit the space better.

Need a Deep Shelf for Large items

  1. Two 24” storage units laced together will make a 48” deep shelf to hold hockey bags.
Secure 2 shelves together to make a place for storing large items

Secure 2 shelves together to make a place for storing large items

Leave Space for Tall Items to Stand

6. Place two storage units side by side, with a space in between, to create a support for golf bags.

Add your Advise

What product have you found to help keep your basement organized?


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