5 Tips for a Better Organized Laundry Room


Set up your laundry room to suit your needs

Set up your laundry room to suit your needs

Collection Area

  1. Keep a central collection area for your laundry close to where people change.  The main bathroom, near the bedrooms, is often a good choice. Keep three hampers – one each for light, medium and dark-coloured Make sure everyone knows to empty pockets, because no one else is going to check.

Treat Stains

  1. Keep a stain remover nearby so that everyone can treat the stains on their own clothing. Children may need help with the most difficult, like blood.  Use shampoo without conditioner on grease stains. Once stains are treated, fold the clothing to prevent stain remover from touching the hamper. Remember to place clothing in the correct laundry hamper.

Make a Space for Folding

  1. Have a table or space available so you can fold and pile items as they are removed from the dryer.

Have a Rack for Hanging Clothes

  1. Have a place to hang up clothes – a line, door hooks or a free-standing wire rack.

Keep Supplies Handy

  1. Establish a laundry supply shelf or cupboard. Be sure to have a variety of supplies available so you can easily handle any stain – detergent, bleach, shampoo, stain remover, a bar of laundry soap for  quick hand-washing items.  Include a basin so you can conveniently soak or hand wash items.

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What do you do to make laundry easy in your house?

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