Re-purposing unused items to get organized

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When you are sorting through your items,  unused items may need to go to the garbage, recycling or can be re-purposed.  Finding a new life for your things might save you money.

  1. A pegboard can make a great place to hang jewellery or medals. Paint it the same colour as the wall.  If you prefer decorate it and make it a piece of artwork to hold your items.
    Use a peg board to hang jewellery or medals

    Use a pegboard to hang jewellery or medals


  2. A magazine holder can be used on a shelf, standing up or laying down to hold paper products in your kitchen, wax paper, baggies, parchment paper, plastic wrap etc.
  3. Muffin tins can be used to hold paint
    Muffin tins can hold paint for those touch up jobs around the house.

    Muffin tins can hold paint for those touch up jobs around the house.


  4. Egg cartons are good for jewellery or small craft items, beads, “googly eyes”, stickers, glitter. It also makes a good desk drawer organizer for tacks, paper clips, binder clips, keys, etc
  5. Plastic containers from fruit, vegetables, take-out food, and baby wipes can be used to hold markers, pencil crayons and pens
  6. Dressers make great entryway storage places.  Paint or decorate it to match your entryway and then use the drawers to store, keys, sunglasses, sunscreen, scarves, mitts, hats, baseball caps etc.
    Use a dresser in your entryway to provide more storage

    Use a dresser in your entryway to provide more storage


  7. Icing containers.  If you buy icing in the grocery store they are great containers for storing pens and pencils on your desk.  Once the label is removed it is a beautiful white container.
  8. Cleaning Caddy can be used to hold art supplies.  Use the icing containers to hold crayons, rulers, pencils, stamps, glitter glue.  Add scissors, glue, tape, and stapler and you can take your art supplies anywhere.
    Use a cleaning caddy to hold art supplies

    Use a cleaning caddy to hold art supplies


  9. Laundry hampers can be used to store extra pillows or blankets.  It is a great way to keep them neat, clean and out of the way until they are needed for company, watching TV, or laying by the fireplace.
  10. Picture frames can be turned into chalkboards, whiteboards or magnetic boards by painting the cardboard or wood insert with specialized paint.  It comes in lots of colours.

Leave a comment and let me know what best thing you have repurposed and its new use.

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  1. Janet Barclay on May 15, 2016 at 5:59 am

    The handle cracked on one of my favourite coffee mugs, so now I use it as a pen holder.

    • Julie Stobbe on May 15, 2016 at 4:42 pm

      It is great to be able to keep your favourite items and keep using them in a new and practical way.

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