Some Donations go to Charity and Some Don’t

CBC has a great article about how companies help charities and are able to make a profit for their business.  Click the link to learn more about the business of donations.

What is your favourite place to donate to?
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  1. I was very sad when they closed the local Goodwill stores, because I knew when I donated goods to them that all proceeds went directly to helping people with barriers to employment to lead productive lives. I don’t like knowing that when I donate goods to other charities, such as the Canadian Diabetes Association, a large percentage of the proceeds goes to an American corporation, but it’s still a better alternative than sending them to the landfill.

    My preference, when I have something I no longer need, is to post it on a Facebook group where I can offer it directly to someone who can use it personally.

    • In your area there is New Horizons Thrift Store on Upper James near Burlington St. All the money from the store goes to programs to help less fortunate people in North Hamilton such as a food bank and counselling programs at Welcome Inn.

      • Thanks so much for the information! I was a Volunteer Facilitator for the Welcome Inn’s BizPlan Program for a number of years before it was cancelled, so I would be happy to support the organization in a different way.

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