What’s new at the home show?

I recently attended the National Home Show in Toronto, Canada.  As an organizer, I was looking for new and exciting ideas for organizing your home.  Many people are choosing to live in small spaces.  If your home is small then everything needs to have more than one function.

There were many different companies with beds that folded into the wall,   beds that are desks until they were moved into a position to be a bed,

This dual purpose desk/bed is great for small rooms.

This dual purpose desk/bed is great for small rooms.

This is what the desk looks like as a bed

This is what the desk looks like as a bed


and a bed in a cabinet. The bed also has a drawer for storing bedding and other items.

buffet style cupboard

It looks like a lovely piece of furniture….

bed in a cupboard

As the bed unfolds you might be able to use it as a couch when the drawer is closed

cupboard hiding a bed

This bed starts out as a lovely piece of furniture


Depending on the shape of your space one type of unit may be better than another one.  The selling feature of the bed in a cabinet is it doesn’t need to be attached to the wall and seemed to be the design that it could be easily moved around within a home or to a new home.

Buying a bed that allows you to have great storage options can solve some problems.  This bed has drawers for storage, on the end and the side as well as under the mattress.

Use the space under the bed for storage

Use the space under the bed for storage

What is the most versatile piece of furniture you have seen or purchased?

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