Shopping Guide

The holiday season is here and Black Friday has come and gone and Cyber Monday is completed. Why talk about shopping now?

Do you need it or want it?

Do you need it or want it?

Developing good shopping habits will save you money.  Now is the time of the year when you can get lots of practice developing good shopping habits.

Buying for the Wrong Reasons

  • It was on sale
  • Too good a bargain to pass up
  • I may find a use for it some day
  • Someone else I know may need it one day
  • It feels good to shop

I am sure we have all experienced these reasons for purchasing items at one time or another.  Usually these types of purchases are items we don’t need, use, want or even like.  They cost us money, not save money.  If you have made a purchase for the wrong reason, you can return it.

How to Buy

  • Shop for things you need not want
  • Shop for things that fit into the space you have
  • Shop for things within your budget
  • Determine how you will use the item
  • Know where you are going to store it or display it
  • When you buy something new, give something away.


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