Time Management for Children

  •  like to develop a weekly agenda page for each child in the family.  They have their own page posted on the refrigerator or bulletin board.  At the beginning of each week, I record all their activities, music lessons, group activities, sports, etc.  I also record their special activities at school so they remember to bring library looks, physical education clothing, and musical instruments.  It also includes any chores that they have to do around the house.  If you prepare it on the computer, many things don’t change from week to week and you can add the new things for that week by hand or before you print it.  The children will add to the page tests and projects that have been assigned at school.  Before they can play or watch TV they have to complete everything on their list.  If you start this habit for them when they are young, it teaches them how to organize their time.  You will be helping to instill in them a habit that will last them a life time.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Library books Physical education Class trip   violin
Practice piano Girl Guides Collect garbage Skating  Birthday Party at Susie’s
Set table Empty dishwasher



  1. when i was a child i tauch what is the value of time and how i can manage and used time for as well. my parents alway want i had a plan for week so i can know when in busy or when i ‘m free time . and i also understood what is value of time. it is rare thing. passing and never returned.

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