Time Saving Window Cleaning Tip

Clean your windows without leaving the ground

Need to wash your windows but you don’t want to spend the time doing it because the next rain will wash away the time you spent shining those windows.  Try using a window cleaning product that attaches to your garden hose.  First you rinse the window with water then switch the setting to soap continuing to spray the window and then switch it back to rinse.  You can clean your windows without your feet leaving the ground.  One such product is Windex Outdoor spray.


  1. The task of house cleaning might sound a tad too mundane but it pays to keep a house spic and span. Cleanliness at home helps in improving quality of life in terms of better hygiene and orderliness. A cleaning service either for an office or home can make the place look as good as new.

    • Having a home looking and smelling clean is a great way to start your day and a great place to come back to. If you can’t afford a cleaning service try cleaning one or two things everyday, by the end of a couple of weeks every thing will have been cleaned without spending a lot of time cleaning one just one day.
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  2. This is a very interesting concept. this would work really great for washing the outside windows of the upper levels of the home. I didn’t even know they sold this kind of product for the outside part of windows.

  3. Oh, that attaches to my hose? That is a cool and unique idea! I had to read the article twice before I realized it did that. So you just spray your windows with the hose and this. What if i get some on me, is it safe?

    • It has gotten on me and I have never experienced a problem. As with any soap type item, do keep it away from your face.The run off from the windows does go into one od my gardens and the plants have never been affected. Please make sure to read the label so you know there is nothing in it that could affect your health.
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    • Guy, I have used many products like this in the past to help me clean my windows and have been perfectly find getting in on me. Of course, if you are allergic to any type of chemical, then you should just check the ingredients and go for a product that doesn’t have whatever it is that you are allergic to. Other than that, just keep it away from you face and wash your hands after you use it like I did. Also, if you are worried about breathing anything in while using a product like this, then know that I also make sure to wear face masks when cleaning my windows like this.

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    I really like your post!

    You have shared such a great idea of how we can clean windows in rainy days also. It is really impressive to know about the liquid spray. It is very helpful for home cleaning as doors and windows are really very essential to be cleaned daily. I really like your post. Keep sharing more such posts.

    Thank you so much for such a nice post!


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