ADD-Friendly ways to Organize your Life

This is the name of a book that can help people with ADD to get organized.  It can also help other people to understand how they can assist someone with ADD get organized. The person without ADD acts as a coach.

ADD Friendly ways to Organize your Life

ADD Friendly ways to Organize your Life

The book mentions:

  • Stop coaches – help to determine when the task is finished
  • Decision Coaches – someone who can help to clarify thoughts and feelings by asking questions
  • Priority coaches – talk things over to help make things clearer

There are chapters on:

  • different approaches to organizing,
  • thing organizing,
  • time organizing and
  • paper organizing.

Each chapter suggests strategies and processes for a person with ADD to try.  Then the chapter continues and explains how a coach, friend or family member can assist.  The last part of the chapter explains how a Professional Organizer would work with the client.

Easy to Use

The book is written and formatted so it is easy for a person with ADD to use.  The sections are short.  There are circles and boxes, headings and bullet points and a review section at the end of each chapter. Judith Kolberg, a Professional Organizer and Kathleen Nadeau, a Psychologist have collaborated to create a book full of strategies that work.

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  1. My journey to an organized life started when I read “Getting Organized the Bonnie McCullough Way” in 1987. When I went to re-read it later on, I discovered I had almost subconsciously adopted many of her recommendations.

  2. I started my organizing journey by reading Julie Morgenstern’s book Organizing from the Inside Out in 2006. She has updated the book and added a number of other books to the series.

    • It is an interesting book to read because it is written in a way that someone with ADHD would find it easy to follow. However I found it difficult to follow. So the content and the format of the book both provided a good learning experience.

  3. ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life is one of my favorites. The first organizing book I read (and there weren’t many available in 1993) was Stephanie Winston’s Getting Organized. I still own it with it’s earmarked pages.

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