Work Life Balance Tip

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Work Life Balance

1. The best way to gain/have/maintain work life balance is to schedule everything.  It will seem daunting at first because you need to schedule exercise , work ,your children’s activities, beauty appointments, laundry, grocery, shopping, time off, cleaning, yard work, sports, entertainment etc.  Once you have completed this activity you have a better understanding of what your day is like, how your week will function and what is going on in the month.


2. In order to be successful you must be ridge with yourself and stick to your schedule.  If you allow yourself to give up “life ” time for work you will probably never get it back.  Some people say they can’t be creative if they are scheduled.  Think closely about that argument. Perhaps you don’t know how to schedule your time or maybe you don’t want to have enough time to get everything done .  Remember scheduling allows you to be creative within each block of time and activity.

3. Work life balance is important because it allows you to be functioning at your best.   Your stress is reduced if you can accomplish the things that are important to you, have the relationships you want, and are accountable to those that are depending on you. Happiness and contentment can be yours for the taking.

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  1. I agree! We all have unique energy cycles, and being aware of what time of day is best for different types of activities is key to productivity. I know an author who schedules time in the morning for focused writing, and it doesn’t make her less creative. If anything, it means she can be more creative, because during that time she isn’t distracted by email or other things.

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