Need a Great Collapsible Storage Container?

Samsill Medium Pop’n Store Box

I have used a lot of pop up and unfolding type boxes in my organizing business.  They usually like to refold themselves flat, have weak bottoms that collapse and may or may not have lids.  The Samsill Medium Pop’n Store Box is great.  It has none of those problems.flat

It is easy to assemble and it stays together.  Although it can be unfolded it may be hard to get the bottom back up which I like. Having a strong, tight fitting bottom means the sides are well supported, the box will stay square and the lid will fit on firmly.

It is made of very thick strong cardboard with a lovely low gloss pebbly looking finish.  It gives it a look of being made of fabric not cardboard.  The corners of the lid are reinforced with metal to prevent them from ripping or tearing. The bottom is made of fabric so it won`t scratch your furniture.

Samsill Pop,n Store Container

Samsill Pop,n Store Container

It is light and easy to handle but strong and ridged and lovely to the eye.  It combines functionality with beauty to store and organize your items.  It comes in 5 sizes and multiple  colours.colour

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