3 Tips to organize moving students back home easier?

Moving back for the summer?

Moving back for the summer?

It is that time of year when college and university students are moving back home for 4 months.  If you pack up their items in an organized way it will take some of the work out of moving them back to school in September.

1. Buy bins that stack inside each other when they are not in  use.

It will make them easy to store.   Most of us like to cut costs and use boxes to move students.  Since moving is a ongoing process for the next number of years buy some bins.  They will stack nicely in a truck/van and in a closet or storage area at home.  You will only have to get them once where as with boxes they are usually recycled and you need to find more every time. Bins  are  waterproof.

2.  Before the student begins packing, make a list of items they need at home.  

Make sure those items are packed together.  Label those bins, bedroom.  Other items that they only needed for school can be left in the bins  to be moved back to school in September.  Label them basement, closet where ever they will be kept.  You may need a bins or two labelled laundry.  Some items may need to be washed before they are stored away for the summer, bedding, blankets, winter coats etc. This makes unloading quick and easy.

3.  At home, designate an area where the bins will be stored over the summer.

Clean the area out before you go to pick up your students.  If everything is kept close together or in a limited number of areas when September arrives, you know where everything is.

A little planning can make the move quick and easy.  Next I will talk about how to making the living arrangement at home easy and enjoyable.

Moving to university

Don’t forget anything

What have you done to make moving your child back home easier?  Share a comment below.

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  1. Great post, Julie! I was telling my husband the other day that we will need a spot for all my son’s stuff when he returns from school next year. I’m going to bookmark this post. Thank you.

    I love the make a list of the items he is taking with him tip you mentioned above. I didn’t even think of that.

    • The years when students are moving in and out of your home and between different apartments makes for a lot of items being needed sometime, not other times and then again. Deciding where to store the transitional stuff keeps your own home from becoming cluttered. It also makes it easier to find the items they need.

  2. I’m having a flashback to the year my daughter got home from school on a Friday night and we headed out for vacation on Saturday. I’m vaguely remembering carrying a ton of stuff up three flights of stairs to the attic. That was what I call a “learning year.” I was better prepared after that. It is definitely worth thinking this through before your child comes home!

    • Live and learn, thankfully you found an easier way the next year. I had to teach my kids over and over that laundry baskets are not consider packing containers, you can’t stack them. Things fall out of them. It took a while but now they use boxes and bins.

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